Building a Stronger Community Together

Jason Myles Clark For City Council


Building a Stronger Queens Community Together.

Jason Myles Clark For NYC Council District 27

"My grandparents moved to Springfield Gardens in search of a better life in the 1950s. When they arrived, they found not just a home, but a community, in Springfield Gardens to raise a family. Together, we can preserve the progress we’ve made and fight for a brighter future for generations to come"

Why I'm Running For City Council

I believe the best is yet to come for Southeast Queens. Our district is made up of a beautiful mosaic of faiths, beliefs, and ethnicities, and it is incumbent upon us to elect a leader who will fight to make sure each of us has a seat at the table. I would like to be that leader for you.

Jason Clark Community
Jason Clark Community (1)

As your next City Councilman, I will fight to protect worker rights, revitalize our small businesses, increase public transportation options, and help our community recover from the devastating effects of COVID-19. I will empower communities of color like ours and eliminate disparities that exist in health care, education, housing and the criminal justice system.

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@BlaQueResource Gala @ the @KingManorMuseum in #Queens, NY. @jasonmylesclark and I had a wonderful time networking and learning about amazing entrepreneurs and opportunities to support them.


I want you to read this. I want you to understand what is happening on school boards across the country. And how Black educators are being targeted. Most of all, how there is a concerted action to take us back to the 50s. #TruthBeTold #ProTruth

POWERFUL! Wade Austin-McDonald & Fiona Austin-McDonald are one of few parent-child pilots that have flown together in an official capacity. We love to see families thriving together in their professions! 🙌🏾

BRP Companies Gets $290M from Goldman Sachs for Queens Opportunity Zone project

I would like to know why @SecMayorkas invited Haitian American leaders to see their brothers & sisters under that Del Rio bridge & why no one was there when they arrived. I would like to know where the Haitian families are. We cannot trust people who keep humans like animals.

Behind every cop ticketing an elderly woman for resting, there is a mayor wanting to punish her for her poverty, a lawyer writing an ordinance to make it happen, a judge distorting the law to allow it, and a local news reporter telling viewers why it needed to happen.

Michael McConnell@HomelessnessSD

Ticket for an elderly woman resting in the shade.

NYC DOE posts 3,659 openings for substitute teachers and 3,020 for special-ed aides. “I’m expecting to see a lot of stress among principals, a deficiency in instructors, and a number of children going without mandated services,” said @BloomfieldDavid

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