Issues For a
Stronger Queens

COVID-19 Recovery
Communities of color have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, having devastating effects on physical, mental, and financial health. Working-class communities of color were the worst hit by the pandemic. To combat the effects of Coronavirus, Jason will continue to work with different stakeholders such as small businesses, unions, city agencies, non-profits and community leaders to ensure we have a strong recovery.
Jason believes in the power of education and how it can not only transform a child’s life but make his or her community stronger in return. That is why he has been committed to making our education system equitable and providing students with a quality education.
Economic Development
COVID-19 has caused the greatest economic challenge our city has faced since the 1970s. Small businesses employ nearly half of U.S. workers and only 17% of small business grants went to Queens residents. It is important that we do everything we can to protect them. Jason is a leader who will fight to ensure individuals, families, and small businesses stay afloat, while fighting for revenue-generating measures that will provide the city with valuable funds at a time when we’ll be facing a deficit.
Let’s face it: Southeast Queens is a transportation desert. The lack of options has caused community members to lose and turn down different job opportunities that may be in other boroughs.
Criminal Justice Reform & Public Safety
Working for New York State Attorney General Letitia James and being a civil rights attorney has given Jason a unique perspective on how our community can reform our criminal justice system while retaining public safety.
Housing & Protecting Renters
Our community is full of hard-working homeowners and renters. In Southeast Queens, there are as many as 600 properties eligible for 2020 lien sales which is significantly higher than any other region of the city. We need to make sure homeowners have every chance to keep their homes. Jason believes it is important that we protect individuals and families from unscrupulous housing and renting practices.
Protecting Organized Labor & Employee Rights
Organized labor has played a major role in communities of color ensuring individuals not only have safe working conditions but also have good-paying jobs and benefits needed to provide for their families.
Health Care
Jason believes access to quality and affordable health care is an undeniable human right regardless of citizenship status and remains committed to fighting for a universal health care system that works for everyone.