Economic Development

Jason is a leader who will fight to ensure individuals, families, and small businesses stay afloat, while fighting for revenue-generating measures that will provide the city with valuable funds at a time when we’ll be facing a deficit. Jason will advocate for:

Protecting Individuals & Families

  1. Stronger restrictions on payday and other predatory lenders.
  2. Counter the effects of having a banking desert in Queens by supporting the development of community-owned credit unions in Southeast Queens.
  3. Fight for undocumented immigrants and their families and advocate against poor working conditions.
  4. Create partnerships with community organizations to increase financial literacy training.

Small Businesses

  1. Advocate for funding, grants, loans and limited rent forgiveness to small businesses owing thousands of dollars in commercial rent.
  2. Work with restaurant owners, the hospitality industry, the Department of Health and the Department of Small Business Services (SBS) to create a clear blueprint for indoor dining, including clear safety measures and procedures to reduce the risk of obtaining unnecessary tickets and violations.
  3. Increase services and funding for programs that encourage entrepreneurs and others hoping to create a nonprofit organization.
  4. One in three businesses have “business interruption” insurance, but as the law is written, it only kicks in when there is physical damage.  As your next City Councilman, Jason will fight to change business interruption laws to cover statutorily required business shutdowns. 
  5. Offer tax credits and other incentives to help businesses reopen more quickly and overcome the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  6. Work with SBS to create consultative services and direct assistance to businesses interested in applying for federal relief reserved for small businesses.

Here’s What Jason Has Already Done When It Comes to Protecting Small Businesses:

  1. As a partner at the boutique litigation law firm Hamilton Clarke LLP, Jason is well aware of the challenges of small businesses during these troubling times. In this role, Jason has represented local businesses in the community, free of charge, to make sure they survive the pandemic.
  2. During his term as President of the Metropolitan Black Bar Association, the MBBA assisted with raising $10,000 to support minority-owned small businesses and feed essential workers in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic
  3. Jason has also organized free programming for entrepreneurs interested in starting a nonprofit organization.