Jason believes in the power of education and how it can not only transform a child’s life but make his or her community stronger in return. That is why he has been committed to making our education system equitable. As City Councilman Jason will:

Elementary, Middle & High School

  1. Expand and provide funding for one-on-one after-school virtual learning opportunities for students in need of additional practice during the pandemic. 
  2. Invest in subsidized internet for low-income remote learners.
  3. Require schools to inform parents when they fail to provide statutorily required academic services (e.g. lack of librarians, lack of access to ESL for qualified students, class sizes that are too large, etc.).  This will empower parents to advocate for their children’s rights when schools don’t provide the services they are legally required to provide.
  4. Continue to expand halal, kosher and vegetarian school meal options so that all students can receive a healthy meal regardless of religious or dietary restrictions.

Higher Education

  1. Reaffirm our commitment to higher education by returning CUNY to a tuition free institution for local students. This will ensure that students have an opportunity to obtain a college degree while also developing the skills needed in today’s workforce without incurring significant debt.
  2. Invest in technical training programs that meet employer needs and prepare New Yorkers for better-paying jobs with benefits.

Youth Services

  1. Expand the City’s youth education programs to increase the employment opportunities for students not just during the summer but year-round.

Here’s What Jason Has Already Done in Education:

  1. He started a program called DREAMChasers, which provides free tutoring and mentoring to help students from low-income and underrepresented backgrounds receive offers to get into the best high schools in New York City.
  2. Over the last three years, DREAMChasers students have received offers to attend top high schools such as Beacon High School, Manhattan School of Science & Engineering, Brooklyn Technical High School, The Bronx High School of Science, and Stuyvesant High School. Check out The DREAMChasers Mentoring & Tutoring Program video to find out what #DreamChasers is all about!