Housing and Protecting Renters

Our community is full of hard-working homeowners and renters. We need to make sure homeowners have every chance to keep their homes. Jason believes it is important that we protect individuals and families from unscrupulous housing and renting practices. As City Councilman Jason will:


  1. Fight for legislation that enforces stronger protections against redlining, predatory lending, and deed theft.
  2. Fight for a moratorium on tax liens on residential properties until after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.
  3. Create community partnerships with businesses and non-profit organizations to consult with attorneys, learn about exemption programs, and enter into repayment agreements.
  4. Eliminate overassessment of housing properties in minority communities.


  1. Fight for legislation that ensures renters who are in arrears are not being illegally evicted.
  2. Ensuring that despite the pandemic, tenants are receiving heat and water, and that health and safety protocols are being followed.
  3. Demand that NYCHA make the renovations and capital repairs needed to resolve health and safety issues that have plagued NYCHA residents for years.  The COVID-19 crisis has made painfully clear the role that poor living conditions play on long-term health outcomes.

Here’s What Jason Has Already Done When It Comes to Housing and Renters’ Rights:

  1. Jason partnered with the nonprofit organized Mobilization for Justice to organize a free housing legal clinic that assisted residents facing eviction, living in apartments in significant need of repair, and being harassed by their landlord.
  2. As an Assistant Attorney General, Jason served on NYS Attorney General Letitia James’ Tenant Harassment Prevention Taskforce. In this role, he assisted New Yorkers dealing with tenant harassment issues and led community forums focused on teaching residents their housing rights.