Jason believes it’s important to provide guidance and assistance to anyone participating in the naturalization process. He has been a longtime advocate for immigrants and has worked to educate and protect them against scams surrounding the naturalization process. As City Councilman, Jason will:

  1. Ensure all undocumented individuals and families have access to counsel during court proceedings.
  2. Invest in adult literacy programs in New York City.
  3. Impose stronger penalties against “notarios,” and other individuals masquerading as immigration attorneys defrauding undocumented individuals seeking assistance with the naturalization process.
  4. Expand language access resources citywide.

Here’s What Jason Has Already Done on Immigration:

  1. Jason represented undocumented individuals scammed by “notarios” who misled immigrants into thinking they are authorized practice immigration law, when in truth, they were scam artists.
  2. Jason served on the Protecting Immigrant New Yorkers Task Force for two years.
  3. As President of the Metropolitan Black Bar Association, Jason organized an Immigration Know Your Rights Training Community Event.
  4. He also hosted a legal training program for lawyers interested in providing pro bono legal representation to immigrant children.
  5. After Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban” in 2016, Jason drafted an “Immigration Equal Protection and Sanctuary City Resolution” demanding that local law enforcement agencies not honor “ICE” detainer requests or assist federal immigration authorities without a federal subpoena.