Jason wants to ensure that our seniors receive the support that they need without fear of being taken advantage of. That’s why he’s helped educate seniors how to protect themselves from consumer scams. As City Councilman, Jason will:

  1. Protect seniors from consumer fraud, predatory lending, and deed theft.
  2. Protect seniors from age discrimination when applying for a job.
  3. Fight for more funding and resources to defend seniors against COVID-19, food insecurity and isolation.
  4. Ensure that all senior living facilities in the district are taking the proper precautions to protect residents against COVID-19.

Here’s what Jason has done for seniors:

  1. Jason has led community outreach events aimed at teaching seniors how to protect themselves from consumer scams and identity theft.
  2. Jason has taught seniors how to establish a health care proxy, power of attorney and protect themselves against neglect and elder abuse.